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Effects of smoking tobacco most smokers don't know

a cigarette

Over time,most people have subjected their self to smoking,neglecting the effects of the contents of what they are inhaling into their body. Nicotine as a major drug content contained in the tobacco is highly addictive which make increase a smoker cravings for more. With the exception of Nicotine, tobacco has about 7,000 other chemicals contained in it with about 70 of them known to be cancer-causing. Inhaling tobacco virtually affects all our body organs and sytems as a whole. Below are some effects of tobacco on our body;

1. Causing low sperm count in males.

2. Menstrual irregularities in females.

3. Permanent damage to the air sac in the lungs.

4. Lungs impairment.

5. Refuced blood flow to extremities.

6. Narrowing of the blood vessels

Some smoking related diseases are as follows:

1. Oral cancer.

2. Heart diseases and stroke.

3. Digestive ulcers.

4. Diabetes (type-2)

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