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5 Bad Toilet Habits People Practice Every Day That Cause Health Problems

People use toilets multiple times a day for different purposes. The toilet is usually found within a bathroom and the main purpose of a bathroom/toilet is bathing, pooing and urinating.

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Studies have shown that, a toilet bowl contains about 3.2 million bacteria which can cause, health problems if they come in contact with people.

Many people practice several bad habits in the toilet that are capable of spreading germs and causing diseases such as stomach upset etc.


Here Are Five Bad Habits People Practice In The Toilet Everyday That Can Cause Health Problems

1. Leaving Your Toothbrush Exposed In The Toilet: most toilets are combined with bathrooms and many people brush their teeth in the toilet.

After brushing their teeth instead of, removing their toothbrushes from the toilet they leave it in the the toilet thereby, exposing it to, germs and bacterias like, E.Coli.

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2. Bringing Your Phone Into The Toilet: many people especially, young people have formed the bad habit of taking their phones along with them to the toilet. Some experts have suggested that, the phones of people who take their phone with them to the bathroom is usually ridden with thousands of germs.

Taking your phones to the toilet brings it in contact with several germs which can be transferred to the body and cause diseases.


3. Sitting On the Toilet For More Than 15 Minutes: some people feel so comfortable sitting on the toilet that they end up spending up to 15 minutes or, more sitting there.

Studies have shown that, sitting on the toilet for up to 15 minutes is bad for the health because, it puts extra pressure on the veins which can cause hemorrhoid popularly known as, piles.


4. Leaving Your Wet Towel In The Bathroom: after bathing, many people normally leave their towels hanging in the bathroom which is wrong. The bathroom is usually moist which makes it a perfect place for germs to breed.

Leaving your wet towel in the bathroom just exposes it to moisture and germs. The dampness of the bathroom can also make your towel to smell.

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5. Leaving The Toilet Lid Open While Flushing: toilet covers were included in toilet designs for a reason. Sadly, many people leave their toilet lids open while flushing it which is unhygienic.

When you flush a toilet without covering it, the pressure of the water can push out some invincible contents of the toilet which can land in the sink, your toothbrush and towel which exposes you to, germs and infections.

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Source= Healthline

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