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Signs That Your Unborn Baby Is Crying - [PHOTOS]

Indications That Your Unborn Baby Is Crying

At times, you can witness an unborn crying inside your womb while getting an ultrasound. The signs could be

1. An extended breath with an open mouth and lowering of the tongue.

2. The baby getting engaged in faster breathing with a pause between inhalation and exhalation for settling.

3. Puffing and trembling of the lower lips.

4. Opening the mouth, depressing the tongue, and taking irregular breaths several times before exhaling and then settling down while crying.

5. Tightening the chest with trembling lips and rapid breaths, and then settling after tilting the head.


So now you know that some of your foetus’ actions inside the womb can indicate she is crying. Let’s take a look at what really happens when babies cry in the womb and what the main take away for parents is.

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