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If You Are Really Tired Of Poverty, This Is One Thing You Must Do

Poverty is worse than disease, yes, I know because I have tested it, I have been in that situation before, am not trying to advertise or introduce you to any platform or social media to make money. Poverty have destroyed many home, many lives, it even have the power to destroy your joy, it makes one have or develop low self esteem, that how bad poverty is.

Are you really tired of been poor, do you really want to change from the condition of " I don't have", then you must be ready to do this. My life is a testimony to what am about to show you, I was born into poverty, a family that can't afford two square meal, we lived in one room, a talking about a family of five children staying in one room, that's how bad we were living back then, sometimes we do eat mangos as afternoon meal, drink water and sleep, this continue until I found the solution.

The solution to poverty is not when you are earning, no, poverty is far beyond that, you can be earning well yet be poor, been out of poverty is not just getting a good job, you can be in a job yet you don't have enough for yourself or your family. I learnt this secret when I was working, I got a good job with a well paid salary yet I was not satisfied, I can't have what I really wanted, I was not finding satisfaction, so one day, I wondered how to get out of poverty for good, because I was really tired of been poor.

One day a friend gave me a book, I read it and I discovered this secret I want to share with you now, the secret is to give, you may be wondering how will someone who don't have give, my dear, it might seems to you that you don't have anything to give but check within you deep down there is something you can give, you are far better than someone out there, the little you have just give. Your old cloths, give them out, the little help you can offer to someone do, give it out, it really work, you will find that inner satisfaction, it worked for me, is still working for me, so it will work for you. Back then I don't really have enough cloths to wear, but after I gave my old ones out and received more than enough, it truth that blessed is the hand that gives, honestly it work. If you are really sure you are tired then please try the habit of giving out the little you have and see.

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