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Diabetes: Eat More Beans, Less White Rich, to reduce Your Diabetes Risk.

A study had found that beans are far heathier than rich dish, the researchers studied the diets of 1,900 Costa Rican men and women participating in a 10 years study on Heart Disease risk Factors, none of the participants had diabetes at the beginning of that Study.

The experts found that people who increased the daily serving of white rice over time had higher Blood pressure and higher level of sugar and harmful fats in their blood- A warning sign for type 2 diabetes, whereas those who ate more serving of beans than rice greatly reduced their risk.

Unlike healthy brown rice (Whole grain), white rich is pure starch with its fiber and other nutrients stripped away, (follow, to check other posts on the important of fiber) the sugar elevating effect of white rice on the body can be likened to that of taking raw sugar, which is by far not healthy for your system.

Beans, rich in fiber and protein, produce a lower insulin response- an effect more better for the body system, it will be useful to introduce more legumes - include beans into your diet to replace white rice and some of the red meat.

🔹 Fiber filled diet ...

The best sources of fiber are Whole Grains, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Legumes and Nuts, it is important to note that diet low in fiber and high in foods that cause sudden increase in Blood sugar may increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Bran and fiber- part of the important components of whole grain that are filled with health promoting Nutrients, slow the breakdown of starch into glucose,- helping in maintaining a steady blood sugar rather than causing sharp spikes in the blood sugar level.

Fiber help lower cholesterol as well as help to move waste products through the digestive tract, can also help to prevent the formation of small blood clots that can trigger heart attacks or stroke.

The phyto-chemicals and essential minerals such as magnesium, selenium and copper found in whole grains may protect again some cancers.

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