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Don't Disgrace Yourself, This is The Meaning of "Saint Sami Ganja"

Don't Disgrace Yourself, This is The Meaning of "Saint Sami Ganja"

A lot of Nigerians are quite conversant with using some words that they really don't know about and lately,a dream of writers have gone on the opera news platform to explain and correct some very much wrongly used words.

Well,the word Saint sami Ganja is very well used among the Nigerian youth and it is used in a way where it is referred to as either smoking or getting high.Well,I am here to tell you that if you have been doing that,you are totally wrong and below,I would be showing you the real meaning according to the urban dictionary which was made for this purpose.

The real meaning of the word Saint Sami Ganja refers to a person that is honored with all glory in a successful act or gathering.

So instead of telling a drunk man or a drug addict that he/she is Saint sami Ganja, just find another word and also don't forget what the real meaning of Saint Sami Ganja is so that you will be able to use them rightly.

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