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Check Out 4 Things That Happen to Your Body when You Eat African Pear (Ube)

African Pear (Ube) is one of the most loved pear in Nigeria. There is no doubt that almost all Nigerians enjoy the good taste of African pear during it's season. Many people regard it as African butter which from all indication it is.

Although a lot of people consume this highly nutritious food, only but a few know the value of the food. Pear has a lot of benefits to the body and has a lot of illnesses it helps the body fight.

In this article, I will be talking about 4 things that happens to your body when you eat African pear (ube)

1. It helps in strengthening your bones and teeth.

This is not a very noticeable benefit as a lot of people don't even know when their bone is weak and strong. But anyways it has the capacity of strengthening the bones.

According to research, it contains calcium and phosphorus which can help prevent stiff bones and reduce body pain.

2. It can help your body fight against cancer

Eating More of African Pear could give your body enough resistance to fight against growth of cancerous cells. It is rich in fiber which could help fight colon cancer.

There are still a lot of research needed to be carried out to prove or verify this study.

3. It could help in promoting your skin health.

African pear is known for its high level of vitamin C which protects the body against free radicals and damages that could be caused by the sun.

It could also improve texture of your skin by making it smoother and reducing wrinkles.

4. It could benefit your heart health.

Research shows that African pear can reduce absorption of cholesterol because of it's high level of soluble fiber. This could help in reducing cholesterol levels and promoting better heart health.

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