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God is not a myth. He's still proving Himself

A girl is marched into the dean's office

She sits while her lecturers stand behind.

Dean: You're Mel. Right?

Girl: Yes, sir. Good day sir

Dean: You're a Christian, huh?

Girl: Yes, sir. I am. Good afternoon, sir.

Dean: Stop greeting. I'd have answered you if the afternoon was so good, but I'm afraid it's not. I understand you... hear, from God. Is that so?

Girl: Not exclusively, sir. I think God speaks to everyone.

Dean: (laughs, puts a hand against his ear as though gesturing to listen) Is he talking right now? I don't seem to hear him.

Girl: (laughs too) God speaks always, sir.

Dean: Oh, that's good news. I presume he has something to tell us. What's he saying right now?

Girl: Sir, I said God doesn't speak to me exclusively; if you listen hard enough, you wi–

Dean: Are you contradicting me, young lady!!? (He thunders) This is the freaking Middle East, and if you can't abide by the terms of your employment, then we have a problem. What is God saying!!!???

(shocked, the, girl puts down her face for a moment and then raises it. Instantaneously, the air becomes stiff; the rays of sun peering into the office fade into a quick shadow, and an eerie rush of wind brushes violently against the décor)

Girl: Sir, I think you need to recharge your phone.

Dean: Excuse me!

Girl: I am saying, with all respect, that you may need to recharge your phone this moment as your phone bill is due and you will need to make an urgent call soon.

Dean: Of course, my phone bill is due, and everyone who knows I'm Dean would know why – because I make a lot of calls, damn it! Did God seriously need 5 minutes to deduce that? I could attempt same feat in 30 seconds.

Girl: I'm sorry, Dean Jafar. God didn't need 5 minutes to figure out your phone bill was due; he needed it to calm you down before the news gets to you.

Dean: What news? I don't follow...

In the dead silence, the dean's phone rings out loud almost immediately, sending a cold shiver down the spines of the faculty head and school adviser, making the office very uncomfortable.

The dean reaches for the phone with a nervous gaze locked onto the girl.

Dean: Hello? (He waits for a response, but none comes) Hello? This is Dean Jafar. Who might you be?

Caller: Hello, is this...uhm...J.A.F.A.R? (the caller spells his name) 

Dean: Yes. Yes. It is I. Who are you?

Caller: Okay. My name is Arr. I'm from Istanbul and I live on the same street as you here in Jeddah. I think you might need to come home immediately, else, there won't be a home standing when you arrive. I haven't much talk time left as my phone bill was ju–

(Call disconnects)

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