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Living with Down Syndrome

The society that we find ourselves today is unfriendly to people/persons with a form of disability and tend to Stigmatize those categories of "God's special creation". However, living with a form of disability or the other does not mean the person is a "liabilty", "burden" or "nuisance" to the society. It is to this end that Down Syndrome will be discussed in this writeup.

Simply put, Down or Down's syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs when there is an extra chromosome in the body. Chromosomes are bundles of genes and just the exact figure is required in the body . Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, making it 46 chromosomes, but in the case of people with Down syndrome, there is a 47th chromosome and it is the extra chromosome that leads to a range of issues that affects such individuals both physically and mentally.

There is a common features among people living with down syndrome, these includes;

*Slanty eyes at the outer corner

*Small ears

*Flat noses

*Protruding/thickened tongue

*Short neck

*Small hands and feet

*Short stature

*Loose Joints

*weak muscle tone.

The effects of down syndrome varies, while some will grow up to live entirely on their own, , others will need more help taking care of themselves and this is due to the fact that mental abilities and Intelligience Quotient (IQ) varies, tho most of them do experience learning difficulties and developmental delays.

Also, certain medical conditions are attributed to people with Down syndrome like congenital heart defect, poor vision, leukemia, hearing loss, Obesity, Late tooth growth and Alzheimer's disease which usually comes up later in life. They are equally prone to infection like urinary tract infections, respiratory and skin infection.

It is sad to note that in our society today, especially in rural areas, people born with this type of defect are not seen as normal people that can have a meaningful life and as a result of this,they are usually kept and abandoned in the house with no proper care or access to proper health care, acquisition of skills and western education, getting into a relationship and the likes. For this reason, most of them die at a tender age and those that survive one way or the other become dependent on family and relatives to survive.

Some people with Down syndrome have lived well into their 70s and are self independent and infact have made a name for themselves like Jamie Brewer who is an american actress that featured in the American horror story Murder house and coven, Chris Burke, an actor and folk singer and Collete Divitto, owner of Colletey's cookies.

Undoubtedly, people with down syndrome can live a normal, healthy and happy life with the support of their family, the society accepting them as normal people without stigmatizing them as liabilities and also with the aid of proper health care. They are trainable and can learn skills, get into relationships, Marry, and have a family of their own just as it is expected of all human being. Infact living with down syndrome is a not burden, it is how people react to it that portrays them like one.

As a matter of fact, those set of people should not be denied the right to education, acquisition of skills, access to good health and also the opportunity to showcase their abilities, beauty and uniqueness.

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