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What Sickle Cell Trait Really Means

Sickle cell trait is inherited, and this happens when only one of your parents carries the sickle gene, and it'll never lead to sickle cell disease.

Because you have no symptoms of sickle cell trait, a blood test to determine whether you have it is a good idea. The bulk of red cells in your blood are normal round-shaped cells if you have the characteristic.

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Sickle-shaped cells can be found in several situations. One in every four West Africans and one in every ten Afro-Caribbeans, as well as people from the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Middle East, has sickle cell trait. White Europeans are less likely to have it, though this will change as the population gets more diversified.

The majority of sickle cell patients are in good health. On the other side, anesthetics can be problematic. If you have sickle cell trait, always tell your dentist or doctor before starting treatment.

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There's a potential you'll feel pain at high altitudes (typically above 10,000 feet), such as on long-haul flights in unpressurized planes or while mountain mountaineering.

Before engaging in activities that need you to breathe oxygen, you must declare that you have sickle cell trait. Extreme activity can also produce problems, so if you're a professional athlete, you should arrange your training accordingly.

Hypertension Medication Valsartan May Help Prevent Vaso-Occlusive Episodes  in Sickle Cell Disease – TIF

Even if the trait isn't an illness, there are certain factors to consider if you want to start a family. Your offspring will not have sickle cell illness if neither you nor your partner has sickle cell trait, but they may carry the trait (50 percent chance).

If both you and your spouse have the trait, any child you have has a 25% chance of developing sickle cell disease and a 50% chance of developing the trait.

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