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Checkout What This Lady Did To A Poor Little Girl That Got People Talking Against Her Action.

A video of a Twitter handler degrading a poor little girl seen hawking her goods by the roadside has surfaced online and many people are not happy with it. Many have been reacting to it. The Twitter user recognized as Lady Motaraa was learned to had publicized her family ordeals on the bird app days ago, where she states how her beloved Mom hawked goods to cater for them and her other siblings after their father left them. In a tweet spree, revealed what she went through to be who she is today and how her mother hawks to care for their needs.

She received a lot of criticisms and backlashes for always broke shaming people on Twitter yet couldn't help her mother start a decent business. Well, Twitter handlers affirmed that Omotara is known for calling people "broke," the reason she was dragged after publicizing her family story. In the viral video which hit cyberspace, Omotara was seen in her car making a farce of a poor girl marketing along the busy road where she was in a traffic hold-up. She was spotted drinking an "energy drink" in the video while asking the poor little girl whether she cared for some. Annoyingly, she didn't offer the drink to the hawker girl but was seen laughing at her and the poor little girl did run after her car.

However, many who views the video considered her action inhumane towards the little girl and some criticized her for the intractable way she treated the pot girl who might have been under the scourging sun hustling to makes ends meet. See some of the pictures from the incident below👇

If you looked closely at the pictures above Lady Motaraa could be seen drinking an "energy drink" and the poor little girl standing outside by her car window👆👆

See how people reacted to Omotara's video below👇👇

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Mom Motaraa Omotara


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