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Doctor Gives Causes And Treatments Of Bedwetting

Nocturnal Enuresis otherwise known as Bedwetting is a condition people suffer from secretly and openly. People suffering from such condition are treated with contempt, scolding and shame. Most times, they are called all kinds of names.

A popular doctor has given the reasons for such condition and how to manage and treat it. The doctor gave a story of a boy with the condition, how he was treated by his mother and people around him, and the psychological stress the boy passed through.

Doctor George popular known as TheTalkDoctor stated that bedwetting is the loss of bladder control during the night. According to him, scolding and/or beating the child with such condition won't help.

He stated:

How to manage the condition, he said the people with bedwetting condition should try not to drink water or other liquid within a few hours of bed, they should cut out caffeinated/alcoholic drinks in the evening and see the doctor to rule out medical causes.

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