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6 Foods To Eat Regularly In Your 50s To Help Keep Your Bones Strong

Age is not just a function of the number of years you've lived, it also involves the condition of your body at that age. This is so because as we age in numbers, our body grows old as well. Usually, once a person gets to 50 years and above, their bones grows old and weaker due to a reduction in the level of calcium in their bones and joints.

This is why you can't compare the skin of a young person to that of an old person which is already looking wrinkled. Or compare the heart, liver or kidney function of a young person to that of an old person. In the same way, The bones of an old person is also less strong and tensile than that of a young person.

That is to say as we age the strength and vitality of our body parts decreases, and this is one reason why it is imperative that we help keep our body functioning at it's best even as we age. One best way of doing so is by eating the right foods and staying away from foods that worsen the condition of your body.

The bones is basically made up of a complex or proteins (collagen) and calcium. The calcium in the bones is responsible for the hardness and strength of the bones. This is why to keep your bones strong you must eat foods that are rich in calcium. As you age, the calcium content of your bones decreases which means it becomes less hard and weak. Hence, from our previous explanations, one very effective way to keep your bones strong in old age you must keep eating foods that are rich in calcium.

1. Goat Meat. Goat meat is one food that is rich in calcium. You should consider consuming it more regularly so as to help nourish your bones and keep them strong

2. Chicken. Like goat meat, they are rich in calcium which makes them a very good alternative to goat meat for consumption once you're old for the health of your bones.

3. Vegetables. Rich in vitamin D and calcium which are both important for helping to keep your bones strong and healthy at old age.

4. Boiled Eggs. Also contains vitamins D and calcium which are good for maintaining the strength of your bones.

5. Fish. Consider eating more fish when you're old because it also a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

6. Plantain and Banana. They are also very good for consumption when you're in your 50s because they contain iron, calcium and Vitamin D which helps to keep your bones strong.

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