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Have You Eaten Corn This Year. Here Is The Side Effects Of It.

Welcome back esteem readers. Today, I will be sharing with you something that must of love to eat,because it is tasty.

Corn, this is a good a food must people around the world like to eat,especially Jere in Nigeria. But,did you know that eating corn has many side effects, which will probably cause harm to your body system.

It is said that "health is wealth" therefore knowing the side effects of what you consumes may definitely go a long way to help you live healthy.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some side effects of corn.

Below are the side effects of corn.

1: It causes tooth decay: Yes, excessive eating of corn causes tooth decay. Corn contains calories and a large quantity of sugar,which when consumed excessively causes too decay.

2: Excessive eating of corn leads to weight gain: Corn contains carbohydrates, which when eaten in excessive can leads to weight gain, so it is better to eat it in small quantity.

3: It is good for diabetic people: As I wrote before,because of the high carbohydrate content in corn,when eaten in excessive leads to increase in blood sugar levels. So people suffering from diabetes should avoid corn.

4: it causes indigestion: Corn is rich in fiber and other nutrients. But, when eaten overdose of these fivers can be bad to your stomach, as it causes indigestion and stomach cramps. So, it is advisable to consume appropriate amount of corn to avoid indigestion.

5: Causes Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. People who consumes a lot of corn as their diet may suffer from osteoporosis because corn contains small amount of calcium, which the body needs for bones development.

Hope you enjoyed the article, we should eat wisely.

Thanks for Reading,don't forget to comment,like and share.

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