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9 health conditions you should worry about in your 20s

When you are in your 20s, it's easy to laugh off thoughts of death or disease as your future self problem, something you will worry about decades from now. While it's true you're at greater risk for most major disease during middle age, experts say the actions you take now could significantly raise or lower your risks for many of the biggest killers. Here are the health conditions you should be worried about at your 20s.

1) Testicular cancer

Not many guys in their 20s are worried about “the big C”, but some forms of cancer shows up during your third decade of life. Testicular cancer shows commonly on younger men, often in their 20s.

2) Sexual transmitted infection (STI)

HPV is the most common STI, and one link to several forms of cancer, but Dr. Danoff also mentions Chlamydia, and herpes as two STIs on the rise among younger men.

3) Skin cancer

A type of skin “pre-cancer” called an actinic keratosis, or AK, is common among young men, Dr. Danoff says. “Especially for men who have used indoor tanning salon, skin cancer is concerned”, he adds.

4) Performance related erectile dysfunction

While older guys suffer erection problems thanks to heart or health problems, many young men run into ED caused by performance stress.


“Affliction deficit hyperactivity disorder is under diagnosed, and often shows up in men in their 20s who have trouble finding or keeping a job, or holding unto relationship”, Dr. Danoff says.

6) Diabetes

CDC data shows a lot of the excess weight we pack on, and carry through life hits our waistlines during our 20s.

7) Depression

Rates of suicide, and depression are rising among men in their 20s, according to data from U.S. department of Health and Human Services.

8) Asthma.

9) Heart disease.


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