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Squeeze Bitter Leaf With Salt And Honey To Treat These Diseases

It is a average thing that God has given humans what they need to live a fulfilling and well lifestyle, but the burning cast doubt on is, do you know what and what to take? Even the bible says that we die for lack of knowledge. Read on therefore so I can impact you at the moment with how you preserve squeeze Bitter leaf with salt and honey to be intelligent to pick up the check the health issues i will be discussing below.

I want to suppose that every one of us knows what a bitter leaf is , satisfactory it is called "Onugbu" in Igbo, and in Yoruba it is called "Ewuro" and "Shiwaka" in Hausa.

How complete you prepare this Bitter leaf to step the entire the health benefits.

Firstly, get a hold a handful of bitter leaf and wash it with saline water (by tallying saline to fill with tears before washing) therefore microbes and bacteria can be removed.

Secondly, squeeze it to persuade the juice or bitter leaf water, and so therefore pour into a container. You can store it in the fridge.

Lastly tally 3 spoons of honey and a pinch of salt to every prize you intend to drink, stir and drink, two times daily, Morning and evening.

Drinking this medicine has alot of health repayment which includes:

It helps decrease the Fever

It is old to delight diabetes

It helps put a stop to Cancer

It helps let fall Hypertension

It helps to nurse Malaria

It helps to overcome tickly skin

It is of use for the Typhus Disease

It is second-hand to act toward Appendicitis

It helps to overcome stomach dismayed and pains.

Bonus Tip

It has been proven to be successful against Malaria and Typhoid (in which defense you will want to squeeze Scent leaf also to treat it one time). But give pleasure to pass up milk, egg and ginger in your diet, when taking this.

It in addition cures piles, helps run diabetes mellitus. definitely formulate sure thing you take on a glass of bitter leaf juice daily.

If you have any questions give pleasure to slump it in the comment section, I will ranswer them Asap

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