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3 Ingredients People Use in Cooking That are Actually Dangerous to Health

Things used in preparation of food matters a lot when it comes to health. This is why every one should have a common knowledge of the types of things they use in preparation of their foods and the method used in preparation for certain foods

Chicken which is needed for better health could also be harmful to the body when cooked the wrong way. The same goes for every other food we eat on a daily basis.

So in this article, I am going to be talking about 4 Ingredients people use in cooking that are actually Dangerous to Health

1. Food colourings

Some food colouring which a lot of people used in preparation of their foods could really have a negative effect on the health of the body.

Food colourings especially the ones used to change rice to other colours usually cause allergy to people and could have a negative effect on kids.

2. Alum and Potash

Alum and Potash are two different Ingredients but they are used for the same purposes. These two were formerly used in the olden days to prepare foods but due to current research, there has been a lot of discoveries on its disadvantages to the body.

Potash could lead to diarrhea, vomiting, discomfort and nausea in the body of its victims. Alum on the other hand could lead to irritation, skin burns and respiratory problems.

Over time these two ingredients has been proven to affect other organs in the body which includes the liver and the kidney.

3. Artificial Seasoning

There are many types of seasoning but all of them have the same effect on the food we eat. Taking artificial seasoning could lead to high blood pressure because it is really high in salt.

It could also lead to other heart conditions as it contains high fat and may contain some preservatives which can cause harm to the body.

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