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The Dangers Of The Dangers Of Paracetamol You Should Be Aware Of

Paracetamol is perhaps the most widely used medicine in the world as it's been known to be an effective painkiller and pain reliever, and in some cases, used against cold and flu. It's importance and use in many households cannot be overemphasized.

Because paracetamol is so common, and because people can so easily access it, they do have a feeling that it is in some way safer. It is not any safe if you don't know the dangers it poses to the body. Below are the dangers of paracetamol you should be aware of.

As with other drugs and medications, Paracetamol has a specific dose, different for different age grades, and different for different ailments. These doses are not written on the body of the drug, but are prescribed by doctors or physicians, who must have known what your ailment is.

However, many people tend to neglect these prescriptions, but take the paracetamol as much as they think is required, which is very unideal, as it could lead to Paracetamol poisoning. Paracetamol poisoning can occur when a large amount is taken at once, it's also possible when the painkiller is taken consistently over several days for chronic pain.

The major consequence of paracetamol poisoning is Liver Failure, among many other things. The liver is most affected because the liver is one major organ with the role of metabolizing drugs. Drug metabolism involves the breakdown and elimination of the drug via a detoxification pathway.

However, when drugs like paracetamol are taken as overdose, they can cause hepatotoxicity, which in turn causes drug-induced liver injury. When the liver is injured or when there's a liver failure, a lot of other body metabolic activities are affected, which in severe cases could lead to death.

The Paracetamol also poses a threat to; pregnant women, women using birth control pills, people with liver or kidney problems, people with allergies to acetaminophen, among others, if they don't take the drug according to prescription.

There is no denying the great importance of this Paracetamol, but the dangers of the drug are real and should be taken note of. Please share this to save a life today, and follow me for more informative articles.

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