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Opinion: This is one very simple way to know if a man or a woman is infertile

Infertility as concerns women, is simply the inability of a woman who is of reproductive age and is sexually active, to get pregnant clinically.

Women who fall between the ages of 15 to 49 and indulge in 'bedroom' activities without protection, and are not using any form of contraceptives; are generally expected get pregnant. If after many trials and indulgences, a woman is not pregnant; she is said to be infertile, especially after a medical evaluation.

There are many causes of infertility in women, which may include but not limited to:

* Ovulation problems

* Problems with the eggs

* Damaged fallopian tubes

* Genetic factors

* Problems with the uterus

* Problems with the cervix

* The age factor, since fertility decreases by age.

Infertility as regards to men, is the inability of a sexually active man to get a woman who is fertile, pregnant. If a man is sexually active and indulges often, in such activities as that which should get a woman who is fertile pregnant; yet no pregnancy is forth coming, then such a man is said to be infertile. Of course a medical evaluation needs to be done for certainty.

The factors responsible for infertility in men includes:

* Abnormal semen function

* Low semen production

* Possible blockages preventing semen delivery

* Health factors and of course lifestyle choices.

Besides getting a medical evaluation or the collection of the first urine for the day and dipping the testing stick into it, to ascertain if one is infertile or not; in my opinion, another fast and simple indication that one is infertile is as stated below.

Any lady/woman of reproductive age, who has frequently been sexually indulging without any medically approved preventive measure; but rather resorts to taking items in the likes of:

* Ginger

* Andrews Livers Salt

* Ground pepper

* Boiled stout

* Urinating immediately after a make out

* Drink dry gin

* Drinking salt and so on.

If such a lady has never gotten pregnant after the aforementioned measures, then she or the man; definitely needs to see a medical practitioner as one of the two, if not both may likely be infertile.

If all anyone does is take the aforementioned after each make out and the said person has never mistakenly gotten pregnant; all that is left, is a medical confirmation of infertility.

Why is it so?

It is so, because none of those self medicated contraceptives works, they simply do not work!

If a person takes any of them and it turns out the person does not get pregnant and has been in the business of taking such continuously and always gets away with it; there is a possibility that the person may never have gotten pregnant in the first place.

In that case, there is need to see a doctor... remember to go with your partner.

This, is my humble submission. Many thanks for reading.

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