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Fact:The Most Expensive Liquid Known To Man And Where It Is Found.

This isn’t rocket science. The Lord’s Green Earth is without a doubt reservoir of great and amazing liquids. Most mineral resources in their crude form are in the liquid state. Science has unveiled also that up to 60% of the body of human adult is water, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs 83%, the skin 64%, muscles/kidney 79% and bones have a composition of 31% water. I guess I shouldn’t be going through the stress of reminding you that water too is liquid!

Of all the liquids known to man, the most expensive of them all is surprisingly found in every human being, regardless of age, sex, skin colour, religion or even political border.

Though not harnessed for any economic value, the human TEARS are by far the most expensive of all existing liquids, having a composition of 1% water and 99% emotions the value of human tears cannot be expressed in monetary terms. What on Earth is more expensive that emotions? Not even life itself: Without emotions, life becomes nothing more than an ordinary game of toils and conquests. Emotions till date remain the only commodity that isn't available in stores. Life can be elongated and even bought, physique could be got with a monetary price but how much price tag do you think Alibaba will place on the cost of shipping emotions to your location?

It is really disturbing, the recklessness and careless abandon with which we make people cry, in relationships, at our places of work, learning institutions etc.

The world itself is a battle field and life is such a fierce war. How about we treat each other right, do each other no evil, hurt no heart and make this race (human race) an ‘out of this world’ experience. And I present to you this day a new commandment, cause no one to shed a tear EXCEPT those of joy.

Content created and supplied by: SwandehJake (via Opera News )

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