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Is This Normal? I'm A Full-Grown Man But I Still Run To Hide When Thunder Strikes

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Does my confession surprise you? Well, that is my reality. I like to think that I am not the only one in this situation but I need some confirmation to be sure. The thing is, I am a full-grown man who is quite fearless about doing a number of things. I can look at people straight in the eye and tell them my mind.

Over the years, I have always seen myself as one tough guy who is not scared of taking risks and who goes all out to pursue matters to a conclusive end. However, there is one thing that reduces me to a baby every time I witness it. A thunder strike!

Thunder strikes have always been terrifying to me. I just can't stand them at all. In fact, the sound of those rumblings sends shivers down my spine and often makes me run to find cover and hide especially when the really thunderous vibration explodes across the skies following the flash of blinding lightning.

I recently moved into a new home in Lagos and have been quite pleased with the environment. However, my fear of thunders has almost ruined my enthusiasm. This is because my bed is right by the window and this makes the thunder strikes even closer than ever. I remember clearly one night in July when heavy rains descended upon the earth in great torrents. As usual, I could not sleep because the rumblings of thunder kept me awake.

Interestingly, earlier that day, I had read a motivational book about taming my fears and facing my phobia full in the face to conquer them. So when the rains came down at night, I made up my mind to keep my fears at bay and ignore the thunder. I went into my bedroom and lay down on my bed which was right beside the window. Eventually, lightning flashed and the thunder struck across the sky. I shivered as usual but decided to remain where I was and not run from the window the way I used to.

However, a few minutes later, a more thunderous rumble roared from the sky and all my resolution fled from me as fear gripped my heart. I thought the thunder was going to crash my window panes and hit me hard. Instantly, I ran from the bedroom and went straight into my living room which was more hidden from the windows. I remained there until the rains passed.

That might, I asked myself serious questions including why I would shiver like that whenever thunder strikes. Is this how I'm going to behave when I marry and have kids? What if I'm meant to protect them and allay their fears of thunder, would I join them in covering in fear?

These questions have bothered me for a while and I'm wondering if I'm the only one who fears thunders like this. Is it even normal to fear like this?

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