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Can Stress cause Cancer?

Stress is the body's natural protective reaction. Short-term, mild stress is even considered beneficial for the body.

However, if the stress is severe and the person is exposed to it for a long time, it can cause serious damage to health.

During stress, the body's levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline (also called "stress hormones") rise. If this process is short, no problem. However, when the level of stress hormones in the body is constantly high, it already increases the risk of very serious disorders.

Chronic stress causes the following health problems:

- Heart disease 

- Digestive disorders

- Depression

- Excess weight

- Sleep problems

- Weakening of the immune system

- Decreased sexual desire

According to many experts, chronic stress increases the risk of cancer, stimulates the rapid growth of existing tumors and their spread throughout the body.

According to scientists, because chronic stress disrupts the immune system, immune cells are unable to detect and damage tumor cells in a timely manner, resulting in an increased risk of cancer.

On the other hand, chronic stress increases the level of inflammation in the body. Inflammation, in turn, increases the risk of cancer.

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