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Doctor Educates People On Nose Bleeds And How To Manage It At Home

The human health is Paramount in our society. Without the healthiness of the body, it could be very hard for it to function properly.

No matter how small a particular body part is, when it is not in a healthy condition, it could be deadly and it affects other parts of the body too.

A social media health practitioner, @KelvinOssai, has taken time to educate the public on nose bleeds and all that is needed to know on this health condition.

He highlighted all the aspects the topic would cover such as: causes of Nose bleed, prevention and how to manage it at home:

In details, the doctor includes that nose bleeds could be caused by picking of the nose, blowing the nose very hard, a minor injury in the nose, trauma or accident and some others. He also stated that there are some certain people that are at risk of nose bleeding such as: pregnant women, elderly people, people with blood disorders and some others.

See screenshots below:

After that, he proceeded to give tips on prevention of nosebleeds like avoiding picking one's nose and keeping one's fingernails short at all time, blowing the nose as little as possible, and some others listed in the screehsots below:

Also, how to stop a nose bleed is, according to the medical practitioner, sitting or standing upright, leaning forward and breathing through the mouth, placing an icepack or frozen peas wrapped in a teatowel at the top of one's nose.

When to seek medical advise is when the bleeding continues for longer than 20mins, when bleeding is heavy and the victim has lost a whole lot of blood and some others listed in the screenshot above.

Many people commended the doctor for taking his time to explain this health condition and some also shared their nose bleeding experiences and how they overcame it.

See screehsots below:

We hope this tip is helpful to you. Remember to follow for more health topics.

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