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3 Natural Ways To Treat Shaky Hands And Feet

Shaky hands and feet are tremors that occur as a result of an underlying medical condition. On normal occasions, symptoms of this sort of tremors are not usually life-threatening. But could somehow affect the way you live your life on a daily basis. There are people who tend to notice slight tremors on their hands especially when they hold it out to get something. The tremors could be light or heavy.

Like I always say, your habits always have a way of affecting your health. Keeping some certain bad habits and consuming some certain kinds of foods and drinks could also increase your hand tremors by a great degree. Drinks like coffee; and drugs like amphetamines increase hand tremors. It is advised that you reduce your consumption of these substances.

The following may also help:

Change your lifestyle

There are some of you who have cultivated a few unhealthy lifestyle habits. These habits are one of the major reasons you continually experience hand tremors. You also need to cut back on substances that cause tremors like caffeine and amphetamines. Ensure you feed continuously on healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.

Physical therapy

This kind of therapy is of great help when trying to improve muscle control and coordination. It is in your best interest that you find a good therapist who can help you with your tremors. This is particularly very important for those that are experiencing muscles weakness alongside the tremors.

Psychological techniques

There are times anxiety and panic contribute to the tremors. Try relaxing, doing some relaxation techniques and taking breathing exercises. These kind of techniques help your mind and body relax. It helps bring stability to your mind and inner consciousness. Having a healthy mind is already a big step you must take when trying to treat your hand tremors the natural way.

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