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Here are some things you would only see in Nigeria but not in any other country

Nigeria is a funny country as people see everything in it as a JOKE.

As a result of this, Nigerians are seen as weirdos who do so many things in a very unusual way. Here are some out of the many things they do.

It is only in Nigeria that:

1. Phone users activate airplane mode when they are not in the plane.

2. People throw waste into gutters, yet complain when flood engulfs their houses.

3. Neglect the use of pedestrian bridge but instead convert it to markets. If you decide to use it, you are seen as a 'weirdo'.

4. Soldiers in convoy don't obey traffic rules. Yet, want its citizens to obey them.

5. Soldiers who came in just now get to withdraw before you at the ATM even when you came before them not minding the queue and if you try speaking out, then sorry is your case.

6. Someone will be counting money after withdrawal from ATM. They have trust issues.

7. One person is richer than the whole country itself. Are you the only person who knows the importance of money?

8. People count money with saliva (which is very unhygienic) because of how dirty and rough the currency is.

9. Things are written on money with ink, stained with oil, torn currencies are patched with tapes and gums, sometimes I feel some people (rich) use it to clean their anus which accounts for its dirtiness. I have never seen a dirty dollar though.

10. Hospital staff would demand for money deposit or card purchase before attending to any patient even when it is an emergency and a dying situation and requires urgent attention. If you don't have money, then you don't deserve to live.

11. Prayer houses and churches have become hospitals for expectant women. This is why the mortality rate of pregnant women and their children will remain high unless something positive is done.

12. A pharmacy shop is also a cosmetic shop, boutique or supermarket.

13. Power supply and rain would always remain foes who may never become friends.

14. You would see a notice in police stations boldly stating 'Police is your friend', but in reality that is not the case.

15. People sleep on the road in the name of traveling due to long hours of gridlock.

16. People beg for the power supply to be cut off if the power supply lasts for up to 24 hours.

17. The church wedding is witnessed by empty pews, but the reception hall becomes filled before the couple's arrival from the church.

18. People see you as weird if you have an american accent or hoarse voice if you are a man.

19. Policemen stand on the road, not to control traffic or check vehicle particulars but to collect bribe or cause havoc.

20. Mothers carry their babies on their backs instead of baby carriers.

21. Nomads carry their cattle and cows to graze in farmlands outside the ranch (if at all there is).

22. They sell their crude or unrefined petroleum products to other countries and end up buying the refined petroleum products from the same countries they sold it to.

23. Someone would graduate as an accountant but end up working in a construction company and another with a degree in Engineering is a doctor.

24. People will have to pump their stomach each time they feel they have malaria before taking antimalarials. They call it cleansing.

25. Our parents are always right. They can never say I'm sorry'.

26. Neighbors will flog you for disobeying your parents and your parents will be busy shouting 'Yes flog him/her, this my child can give me headache'.

27. You see people suffering and smiling or suffering in silence.

28. Everything impossible is possible.

29. You will see generator in NEPA office. They don't even trust their product.

30. Police station will close by 6pm for security reasons.

31. A snake will count 70 million and then swallow it. Are we living in animal kingdom?

32. Condoms will be seen at isolation centre. Are the patients not supposed to be observing social and physical distancing?

33. You will see a notice in police stations stating 'Bail is free'. Let them bail you for free let me see.

34. A rapist is caught red handed, but because he is the village head's son he is released from police custody after some bribery and corruption have been done. The innocent village indigene who reported the case is beaten to stupor mercilessly.

How did we get here?

They are indeed weird right?

We hope for a better and positive change of our characters and mindsets. The change we need begins with us.

If indeed you are truly a Nigerian and you can relate, you are free to add yours.

Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: Linaerick (via Opera News )

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