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5 natural ways to help stop migraines and headaches.

It's a lot easy for us to want to pop a pill whenever we are having migraines or headaches, Taking pain relief pills is always our first call of action whenever we have headaches. But if the number of over-the-counter drugs you are taking is a concern to you, they are other healthier and natural ways to help with those migraines and headaches. 

The next time you feel that pound about to start, try these ideas fast to stop the headaches:

 1) Ice: Applying a cold pack or ice to an injury has always been in practice for ages as it brings relief to them, Wrapping an ice or cold pack may do the same trick to our headache pain and also to migraines. Apply the cold pack directly to your forehead after wrapping it in a thin cloth to prevent your head from becoming overly cold. Experts suggest that sticking to about 9-10 mins in an hour will do as this will prevent your whole body from getting cold or chilled.

2) Acupressure: Acupressure can bring instant relief to headaches and a lot of other pains. Acupressure may work when you stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which is why it should have a good impact on headaches and even chronic neck pain. Research had also revealed that self-administered acupressure has always been helpful and worth doing for anyone having headache and again, no negative side effects.

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3) Warm Foot Bath: Soaking your feet in warm water also helps when done from a relaxation point of view, it can sometimes do the trick of taking your mind off the headache and that can help quell the head pain.

4) Dimming the lights: being sensitive to lights or even being photophobia is one very common symptom of migraine pain. Simply resting or relaxing in a dimmed-light room can be very helpful. This has been confirmed in a recent study that showed how high light exposure normally worsens the symptoms of a migraine or headache. So, you can always avoid that by dimming the light od where you are. It will help cool and relieve the headache.

5) Sleeping: Not getting enough rest and sleep is tied to many health issues and headaches and migraines are not left out 

 Maintaining consistent and good sleeping habits is very helpful and I can guarantee that a very bad headache or even migraine will disappear after a very nice sleep. In the same, sleeping late and waking very early can cause headaches too.

These quick tips can do magic and should work for an occasional headache. But if the headache is a very terrible one and none of these steps worked for it, don't forget to visit a hospital straight up, your doctor can help with checking up on you

Content created and supplied by: DrGeraldine (via Opera News )



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