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Do you want to grow garlic: 6 easy steps to planting Garlic

 Garlic is one of the healthiest and nutritious vegetables. It contains minerals like magnesium, Selenium and vitamins B6, C and B1. It boosts the immune system, reduce blood pressure and improves bone health.


What you will need to plant garlic:




Step 1

Separate the garlic into individual cloves. (Leave the skin)

Step 2

Place the cloves into a bottle and pour water. (Do not fill the bottle. Pour just enough water to cover the bottom part of the bottle.)

Step 3

Place the bottle in a cool place where the sun can reach. (Don’t place directly under the sun).

Step 4

After a few days the cloves will start to grow, developing roots and a white stem.

Step 5

Wait until the stem turns green. Once its green, its ready for planting.

Step 6

Transfer to the soil. Make sure you plant where there is full sun, partial shade is also okay, but the full sun is preferable.   

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Garlic Garlic Bottle


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