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Check out 7 Unhealthy Habits We Do Daily In The Toilet

A toilet is a place to excrete toxin substances out of the body and some people take it to be a place where they can do other activities.

There are some activities that we do daily in the toilet that are wrong and these activities can cause some illnesses to us. Below are 7 things we do in the toilet that are bad.

1. Flushing The Toilet While The Lid Is Open.

One of the most dangerous things we do in the toilet is to flush the toilet while the lid is open. The toilet should be flushed when the lid is closed because microorganisms from both the faeces and urine fly out of the toilet and when this happens we inhaled them and this can cause infections.

2. Sitting Too Long In The Toilet.

So many people have adopted the habit of sitting too long in the toilet, some claim that their toilet is clean and they can even eat there. But truth be told no matter how you think your toilet is clean you can still get infections from it if you continue to spend hours in there.

3. Forcing Faeces Out Of Your Body.

This is another wrong thing people do, if you are facing difficulty in passing out faeces(Constipation) don't force it because it can cause dilatation of the veins in the lower rectum. And when this happens it can lead to a haemorrhoid (pile).

4. Not Washing Your Toilet Regularly.

For the sake of your health, your toilet should be wash weekly but some don't wash their toilets for months and this can be so harmful to their body.

5. Urinating On The Floor Of The Toilet.

Another insane behaviour people do in the toilet is that instead of them to urinate inside the toilet, they prefer to urinate on the floor. Urine contains ammonia which when inhaled can cause tracheal burn, cough, difficulty in breathing and other respiratory tract infections.

6. Pressing Phones/ Reading In The Toilet.

People have chosen the toilet to be their recreational centre where they go to read novels, newspapers and even chat with their phones. This is damaging your health.

7. Keep Your Toothbrush In The Toilet.

Many prefer to keep their toothbrush close to the toilet, this is very bad because microorganisms are always moving around the toilet and some might even settle on your toothbrush. And when you use it to brush your teeth it can lead to infections.

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