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Ladies, Here Are Dangerous Things You Shouldn't Do During Your Period

Women do encounter a monthly cycle called menstruation or a period, this occurs after every month. This happens when the lining of your uterus breaks down and leaves the body through the vagina. This flow of blood has an impact on your reproductive system and even other organs connected to it.

Teen girls between 8 and 15 years old when they first experience their period, it seems strange or irregular to them, thus making them to panic. The average age for a girl to start menstruating is 12 years. Some women experience menstruation after every 28 days. However, cycles of 21 to 35 days are also normal in adult women.

Girls that are more than 13 years of age can experience more irregular cycles that range from 21 to 45 days. These cycles are controlled by the hormone in the body. Periods normally take place for a duration of 3 to 7 days, and the amount of blood loss can differ. 

Women who are on their monthly period shouldn't do this dangerous this dangerous things:

1. Don't wear your sanitary pad for too long

Refusing to change your pads frequently or for every 6-8 hours makes you more sustain to develop rashes and vaginal yeast infections with the negative effect of bad odour. Even your blood flow is light, it’s always healthy to change your pad.

2. Unclean Sanitary Napkins:

Using unclean pads can cause fungal infections, reproductive tract infection, urinary infection and even make you susceptible to infertility.

This may sound useless to many of you, but all over the world numbers of women still use things like dried leaves, plastic, cloth and such as a pads alteration. Your menstrual hygiene routine should shouldn't only involve body cleaning but also making sure to use sterile and clean pads so as to avoid any such infections.

3. Having sex

Many of you might be very optimistic of not getting pregnant due to period sex.. Even if the chances seem less you can still get pregnant if you do not take proper precaution during this menstrual period.

Use protection if you must make out with your man during this period. This protection goes a long way to prevent contraction of a STD (sexually transmitted disease). Other diseases may include; herpes, HIV and Hepatitis B during this time of the month.

4. Not washing your hands

Washing your hands regularly is one of the good hygiene habit you should possess during this period. Unwashed hands after changing your sanitary pad can lead to yeast infections or Hepatitis B. Irrespective of your activities, it is important that you wash your hands before wearing a pad and after disposing them too.

5. Don't Use Cleansers With Artificial Fragrance


Don't use things that will be perilous to your health. The use of soaps, sprays, or creams with perfumes can also cause vaginal irritation. You should use clean water and mild soap instead of washinh off. Incase you have a vaginal odor is better you visit a gynecologist for proper treatment and care.

6. Unsafe disposal of your sanitary napkin

The problem of sanitary napkin disposal is something that has been a major issue in our society today. Some ladies doesn't have an idea on how sanitary napkins can be disposed. Most women just throw them bin, which then gets mixed up with dry, wet and other hazardous waste.

This wrongly disposed sanitary napkin can lead to svere health concerns such as Hepatitis B for the waste collector. These pads might come in contact with rivers and thus contribute to the toxic air pollution from dumps.

7. Taking painKillers during periods

Yes ladies suffer from cramps during their periods, and painkillers may be an answer to your menstrual pain but the side effect is much stromher. Rehular use of painkillers can trigger your cancer risk and other health issues. 

Ladies are therefore admonished to restrict the use of painkillers as it aggravates your susceptibility of breast cancer. Take a hot water bag and place it on your belly instead of regular pain killer intake, this will help ease your period cramps. You can also visit your doctor for proper treatment.

A saying goes thus; "health is wealth". Always maintain a healthy diet during this period so that you don't spend your money to get treated for infections.

Content created and supplied by: Healthsite (via Opera News )


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