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How Does It Feel Like To Undergo Depression And How To Deal With It.

Depression is a mental state where your intuition knows it will have to adapt quickly, but the conscious mind is so attached to the past, and it creates a lot of anxiety for the person.

There are lots of people suffering from depression and they don't know the way out. Which sometimes leads people to committing suicide.

How does it feel like to be depressed

1. It feels like sadness

Most of the time when we are depressed we feels like we are worthless. We says "Everyone thinks I'm a horrible burden, everyone in the world is happy but me". You become sadist, everything doesn't seems right to you, you cries everyday, anger erupts.

2. It feels like emptiness

You have all these possibilities, and courage and none of them seem interesting. You could do chores, or play some music, but that just doesn't feel right. There's no joy in it.

You could enjoy yourself by play video games, read a book or Nollywood movies, but what's the point? There's no real benefit to all of it but just a passing the time. 

3. It feels like fatigue

Standing up out of your bed requires the same amount of bodily effort as climbing several staircases. Managing to get dressed, and walk outside is like running a race. You are just tired of living. 

4. It feels like a loss of control

You have no idea why your brain, and body are doing this. You don't want to feel sad. but you couldn't help it. You screams at people, you overreacts to little things.

5. It feels like desperation

You can't find a way out, you lie there at night like a wounded lion, making all sorts of noises that no human being should be able to make. You claw and scratch at the sheets, or at yourself, as the pain wrings itself out through your body. 

How to deal with depression

1. Meditation

Empty whenever in your mind with meditation Focus on what makes you happy, trying to recall all your good memories.

2. Seek for help from Medical practitioners

There is no shame in seeing a family doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or counsellor, if you are feeling depressed . Especially if there are thoughts of suicide in you.

3. Ask for help and support from family, friends

Your family and trustworthy friends are meant to be there for you in time of trouble, seek for their advice rather keeping it to yourself.

4. Engage in some meaningful things

Like, write whatever is in your mind, write why you are depressed, write how you are feeling when depressed, engaged in some exercises with your friend, avoid staying alone and so on.

5. Study the word of God and pray

Study the word of God everyday, and seek God in prayer to help you overcome depression. He is ever ready to hear you out.

I hope I have been able to impact lives in one way or the other.

If you have any friend that is undergoing depression kindly share this with him or her.

Leave your comment if you have any other means of dealing with depression.

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