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5 Foods That Make Your Bones and Joints Stronger

The importance of exposure to sunlight at strategic hours of the day cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to the health of the bones, daily exposure to sunlight is essential. Sunlight is one of the natural sources of vitamin D and this vitamin is essential to keep the bones healthy.

The human body can produce this vitamin only in the sunlight. Growing kids, old people, pregnant women, and those who stay indoors mostly, must take extra care of their bone health as a result of their lack of exposure to sunlight. The bones are an integral part of the human body and human experience and you need them in their best and most viable form at all times and for all purposes. 

Below are 5 foods for stronger bones and joints.

Yogurt is one food that can help fortify your body with vitamin D. If you consume a bowl of it a day, it can help make up for one-third of your daily calcium requirement and one-fifth of your vitamin D requirement. Naturally, it is abundant and fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

Milk: 3 glasses of milk a day are enough to meet some of the daily requirements for calcium. If having plain milk is not your thing, you can use it in smoothies or sauces or incorporate it into doughs.

Cheese-having a slice of cheese daily can help boost your bone health. Not only are they rich in calcium, but they are also quite full of vitamin D.

Spinach-the palak is full of protein, calcium, vitamins, and essential minerals. The addition and combination of all these help in making your bones stronger. Just having one cup of spinach a day is enough to cover one-fourth of your daily calcium requirements.

Calcium-fortified cereal: this is another good option as food for stronger bones. The market is saturated with products that cater to this requirement.

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