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Do You Experience Challenges In Conceiving, Do Not Panic. This Can Be Of Help To You.

Blocked Fallopian Tube simply refers to the obstruction or blockage found in the Fallopian Tube. Blocked Fallopian Tube is as a result of fluid or pus filling the Fallopian Tube. Other causes of blocked Fallopian Tube include: History of Uterine infection which is due to abortion or miscarriage, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Prior Surgery of Fallopian Tube, History of some STDs which may include Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea, History of injured Appendix, History of Abdominal surgery, Previous ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is the situation whereby pregnancy develops outside the womb.

However, someone suffering from blocked Fallopian Tube would find it difficult to conceive regarding the fact that eggs are fertilized in the Fallopian Tube. In a situation whereby the Fallopian Tube is blocked, the sperms would not be able to meet the eggs in the Fallopian Tube, this will finally result to infertility in woman. With this, it is clearly known that the common or main symptom of blocked Fallopian Tube is infertility in woman.

Nevertheless, other symptoms may include: Painful menstruation, unusual discharge from the private part, lower abdominal pain, pain during intercourse.

When these signs are noticed, it is expedient to visit a qualified doctor for proper medical check-up so as to know the exact treatment to take. When Blocked Fallopian Tube is diagnosed, one can use this herbal method to treat it.

Herbal Remedy For Blocked Fallopian Tube.

Ingredients: Kola nut skin, Water.

Procedure: Assemble some quantities of Kola nut skin and boil with water.

Dosage: Drink half glass, two times in a day. Do it for seven days.

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