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If You See Anybody Living With Squint Eyes Or Half Past Four Eyes, This Is What It Actually Means.

"Pictures here are used for Illustrative Purposes".

These days, we get to see and hear about a whole lot of pretty interesting stories about people born with various physical challenges all over the world. Many of them are often mocked or ridiculed by other people who are normal. But the fact is, it is not their fault why they turned out that way with a bad physical condition, sometimes its nature or through hereditary.

In this article, I'll be talking about one particular physical challenge called Squint Eye which is also called Lazy eye or Strabismus. In our beloved country, Nigeria, it is commonly known as half-past four or quarter past four eyes. This Squint eyes is actually one of the most popular form of physical challenges all over the world. It is reported that, 1 out of 20 children in the world, is born with squint eyes, according to the World health Organization, WHO. Now let's talk more about it.

What is A Squint Eye. 

 A squint eye is a condition whereby the eyes of a person do not appear correctly. One eye faces upwards, downwards, or sideways while the other eye is normal and focuses on one spot.

What Causes Squint Eyes. 

When the muscles that manage the movement of the eyes and the eye lids are not functioning, then it causes squint eyes. Also squint eye can be as a result of a disorder in the brain, thereby making both eyes unable to look at the same spot at the same time.

Other causes of squint eyes includes;

1. Hereditary or Genetic traits. 

2. Brain disorder. 

3. Long sightedness. 

How can Squint Eyes Be Corrected. 

1. Through surgery or operation. 

Actually, so many people think that squint eyes can never be cured or corrected, but thankfully, it can. No matter the age of a person, his/her eyes can be straightened. The operation or surgery to correct the squint eyes is actually not going to hurt or be painful. Squint eyes surgery is very safe, secured and permanent. In Nigeria it costs about 2 million.

Other ways it can be Corrected includes. 

2. Eye drops and eye exercises. 

3. By wearing Glasses especially if long-sightedness is causing it.  

4. Eye patch that is worn in the good eye during the day time to get the other squit eye to work better.

Thanks for reading. Please comment your thoughts and share this article till it gets to who needs to see it.

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