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Skin Care

foods that can cause skin acne and what to eat for clearer skin

Acne is a condition where the skin is infected and the skin pores are blocked. Although, many people revealed that food may not be the cause for blocked pores but recently, researchers believed that food intake can cause acne.

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This article will discuss 5 food types as revealed in which can cause acne.

1. Fast foods

Studies revealed that fast foods of which contain high calories are capable of causing acne. Examples are burgers and hotdogs.

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2. Refined grains

Refined grains such as white rice, white bread and pasta made with white flour can cause inflammation of the skin.

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3. Sugar

Studies revealed that sugar and its products can cause problems to the body because when sugar is eaten, the blood sugar and the insulin level also increases.

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4. Chocolate

People have been worrying whether chocolate can actually cause acne but when chocolate is consumed, it affects the immune system which may be proof to why chocolate can cause acne.

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5. Milk

Milk and diary products has been revealed to aid acne formation probably because of its fat content.

However, acne can be taken care of by eating healthy foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Such foods are listed below

1. Wheatmeal

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2. Turmeric

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3. Sweet potato

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4. Brown rice

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5. Water

Drinking a lot of water can flush out the toxins of the body and also make the skin clear.

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