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How To Get A NAFDAC Registration Number For Your Product In Nigeria

Registering a product with NAFDAC is one of the most important thing after establishing your company. It is a criminal act to manufacture, import, export, advertise, sell or distribute a product without registering it. You definitely need a NAFDAC number if any of the product you want to sell fall into food, drinks, cosmetics, drug, medical devices and veterinary products categories. 

So first thing to do is to visit the NAFDAC website to find the agency office close to you. Then you have to notify them that you will like your facility inspected by them. This is the mandatory first step you have take in getting your NAFDAC registration number. 

Once your production facility have been successfully inspected. They will grant you manufacturer certificate of recognition. 

The third step is purchasing and filling out the NAFDAC registration form which you get from the NAFDAC website. The form varies in terms of fees which is from 50 thousand naira on average. You also need to submit three samples of your product to be tested by the agency. 

You are required to submit this form along with some documents. This documents depends on the product you are applying for. This documents can be found on NAFDAC website. 

Nevertheless, you have to make sure that the labelling on your products meets the NAFDAC guidelines before submission. The label suppose to contain all the details about your product. 

Once you submited this application, the agency will ask you some questions. They will give you maximum of 30 days to answer these questions otherwise your product will be rejected. 

Finally they will give you certificate of registration. 

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