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How to start a conversation with a lady.

Most at times we get caught in nervousness and can't muster up the courage to walk up to a lady or start a conversation.

I can remember the day I met a beautiful lady in class section when I went for a conference, I actually wanted to start a conversation with her at least exchange pleasantries but what the hell I was too nervous, already we have made several eye contact.

I started having a mix feeling wether I would go or not, I wasted much time till another bold guy walked up to her and they started discussing next I could see was that they exchanged contacts and more.

Moreover as time goes on I learnt the right conversation pick up line. Yea when I mean conversation line there are ways you will approach a lady and be sure you won't be turned down, and that is exactly what I will be explaining bit by bit here just read on.

First thing you have to be confident enough,

If you are not confident forget it, women appreciate confident males. And that is what masculinity is all about. Hope you are ready to know how to start a conversation with lady.

Have a pick up line:

Pick up line is just easy depending on the one you think will work perfectly for you. As for me if I first meet a lady and I walk up to her first I say, hello my name is savvy, I was sitting over there couldn't help but noticed you, so I decided to come over and say hi. Something as simple as that. Pick line makes it easy for you to start a conversation.

Appropriate environment and time:

You don't want to embarrass yourself, isn't it yes it is, so please whenever you want to start a conversation with a lady. probably you Both haven't met before, Please study the environment and mood. If she is busy give her space, if the environment is too busy and maybe you are not sure if she would like your approach in public please seek for another place.

Because when you approach a woman at the wrong Time she may turn you down.

Start with a light discussion:

Don't be too in a haste to know about her you both barely met. Just take your time make the discussion Light don't ask private questions too often some people will ask questions up to this.

Did you eat? Did you bath? This type of question will make you seem creepy. As for me I start my conversation light by saying this. Oh it's cold in here, moreover I love the Smell of your perfume, is it lollipop?

Now she will reply, thanks no it's d and g . Next you ask her do you care for a drink? Straight up conversation begins is up to you to bring in other talks into the discussion but remember take things slow and steady don't be in a rush less you come off as being to needy and desperate.

If you have any questions comment it down and I will reply you instantly.

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