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Do You Want To Lose Weight The Healthy Way? Try Drinking This Before Eating Breakfast

Majority are yet to discover the health benefits of smoothies. There are a thousand healthy smoothie which can be easily prepared in your kitchen. Smoothies not only help you have something to replace junk foods with, they also come with a lot of health benefits.

There are the weight loss smoothies. These smoothies when prepared the right way not only help you lose that extra pound of flesh but it also helps you to lose it healthily.

Yes, some may ask what does it mean to lose weight in a healthy way?. This is what it means. Some people in a bid to lose weight quickly, go into starvation. They starve themselves and lose weight very quickly. But the bad news is that most of them regain even twice of that weight the lost. Why? They go into what is called binge eating.

So if you're interested in losing weight the healthy way, this recipe is for you. Try drinking this smoothie known as Pumpkin Banana Smoothie every morning before taking breakfast. And as you do so, please cut down on you carbs and fat intake, eat more lean proteins.

Pumpkin Banana works well for weight loss because it is rich in fibres which would help you feel full for a longer period. It also contains beta carotene, calcium and potassium. These minerals help in improving your body metabolism. Hence as it helps you lose weight, it provides your body with the needed vitamins which it needs to function well. This is a good and better way of losing fat, better than starvation or binge eating. Below is the recipe:


1) Half cup of non fat vanilla yogurt

2) Half cup of almond milk

3)Pumpkin leaves

4) One and a half teaspoon of maple syrup

5) I ripe banana

6) A quarter spoon of cinnamon


* Properly wash you pumpkin, peel your banana, put them into your blender. Then add your milk, yogurt and cinnamon. Don't forget the maple syrup. Then blend and sieve the liquid into a bowl. Your pumpkin banana weight loss smoothie is ready!.

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