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4 Body Parts That Could Cause Body Odour When Not Washed Properly

Living a healthy lifestyle includes both your physical and mental health. In terms of physical health, we talk about the right foods to eat and the wrong ones to avoid.

Avoiding Body Odour also play a role in making a person healthy and safe. This is why I am going to be talking about 4 body parts that could cause body odour when not washed properly

1. Between and under the toes

The leg is another important part of the body we need to keep clean. A lot of people are fond of washing the toes and generally the legs but give no attention to the gap in between the toes.

Overtime, there will accumulation of bacteria at that part of the body. This is why most people produce some unpleasant smell when they remove their socks

2. The Back of the Knee

This is another aspect of the body, a lot of people look down on. We all wash our legs but just a few wash the back of their knees.

You only way you will notice this, is if you scrub that part of the body with your hands and smell.

3. Neck

A lot of people still find it really hard to wash their necks. This is because they don't even notice it. Some people just wash areas near their neck but don't wash the neck.

If you don't wash your neck and sweat keeps accumulate, it could really lead to body odour.

4. The Outer Ear (auricle)

The Outer ear is not like the inner ear which could be cleaned with an ear bud, it could be washed while batting. But a lot of people ignore this.

Overtime the outer ear grows bacteria which will eventually leads to body odour from that area involved.

Which other part of the body do you think goes unnoticed?

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