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Reduce Your Risk Of Poor Eyesight And Blindness By Eating These 3 Vitamin A Rich Foods Regularly

Vitamins are important nutrients required by the body for normal development. Nowadays, people consume different foods that serve as a risk to major organs in the body especially eyesight.

The eyes is one of the major sense organs in the body. It requires a lot of vitamins most especially vitamin A. In other to reduce the risks of poor eyesight and blindness, there are certain foods rich in vitamins necessary for the body.

Below is a list of 3 important vitamin A rich foods you should eat regularly to prevent early blindness;

1. Oily Fish

Examples of oily fishes includes tunas, sardines, mackerel and salmon. Oily fish contains two important substances in the body. The fat soluble vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acid. Vitamins A are mainly responsible to boost vision and maintain good eyesight in the body.Image Credit: Google

2. Milk

Dietary products are good sources of Vitamin A and D. Milk should be taken regularly and not paired with bournvita or other chocolates. They help in the development of vision and good eyesight.Image Credit: Google

3. Liver Meat

Liver meat are one of the richest source of Vitamin A. They are mostly found in animals and are beneficial to the human eyes.Image Credit: Google

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Oily Fish


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