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Causes of Heart Attack everyone should know.

Let us start by explaining what a heart attack is.

A heart attack occurs due to blockage in the flow of blood to the heart or blockage in the blood vessels, when this happens, the heart does not get the oxygen it requires. It can be drastic hence, the need to know its cause and prevention.

Let us take a look at some causes of heart attack below.

Substances like calcium, proteins, fat, inflammatory cells and so on can build up in the arteries, these buildups are known as plagues. A plague is characterized by a hard outer cover and a mushy or soft inside.

Factors that increase the risk of a heart attack includes:

1. High blood pressure

2. Obesity

3. Extreme stress

4. Family history or genetics

5. High cholesterol levels

6. Diabetes

7. Age

8. Tobacco consumption either through smoking or chewed.

9. Heart surgery

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