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HEALTH: Why you really need to eat grasshoppers.

You might ponder is grasshopper edible? Why do I need to include it in my diet? How can I eat this hopping insect?How can a little creature that normally produce chirping noise while hopping around the garden be part of my diet? No not for me! I've never and will never eat this type of creature! However grasshopper have an amazing health benefits that will blow your mind. Grasshoppers’ oil contains high quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids, neutral lipids, glycolipids and phospholipids, which are critical for body cells to function well. Apart from the nutritional benefits, the tantalising taste of grasshoppers makes them insects everyone should eat at least once in their lifetime.

However here are some of the amazing health benefits of eating grasshoppers.

1 Strengthen the Immune System.

Eating grasshopper meat can prevent the adverse effects of free radicals. Therefore, consuming this type of insect can also strengthen the immune system. With the strengthening of the immune system, then eating grasshopper meat is also able to avoid the body of various diseases.

2 Keeping Bone Density And Teeth.

The skin of grasshoppers contains high calcium. This calcium helps maintain dental and bone density and is very good for reducing back pain in pregnant women. Not only that, eating grasshopper is also highly recommended for someone who is in the healing period of a broken bone. If taken in the long run regularly, locusts will also prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.

3 Regenerate Damaged Cells.

The content of protein and vitamins in grasshoppers are very useful to rebuild damaged body cells. Protein will help the body regenerate muscle damaged by heavy activity and also increase the muscle mass so that the body more visible to contain.

4 Treating ambient or hemorrhoids.

Ambien is a disorder that occurs around the anus. Ambien will cause discomfort when sitting, pain during bowel movements or even cause bleeding. However, who would have thought if the disease or ambient hemorrhoids can be treated only by using grasshoppers meat.

5 Rich in protein and vitamins.

Grasshopper meat contains excellent protein for fetal brain development. Not only that, the meat of these animals also contain vitamin B12 is very good for the fulfillment of pregnant women's nutrition and fetus. Grasshoppers are excellent source of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body.

6 Good for your brain.

Increase intelligence and capture power to overcome premature senility. Maintain healthy hair so as not easy to fall out.

7 Treat kidney diseases.

Treatment of Kidney Diseases DeConconi and Moreno (1988) report that the hind legs of grasshoppers can be crushed and mixed with water. This concoction can be consumed as a powerful diuretic for treating kidney diseases. Treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases Some countries use grasshoppers for treating certain intestinal disorders such as stomach ache and dysentery.

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