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Squeeze awolowo leaf and add a pinch of salt to treat these diseases

In the creation plan of God, there was provision for everything. Plants, animals, fruits and​ herbs were also created for man's consumption ( some for food while some had special purposes like the herbs)

See Genesis 1:11

Awolowo leaf, Siam Weed or Chromoleana Dorata as the Binomial name is a natural potent medicinal herb.

The Awolowo Leaf, (Siam weed) is known with so many names, and that will depend on where you’re domiciled.

Names include: Awolowo; archangel; bitter bush; Christmas bush; chromolaena dorata; siam weed.

The health benefits of Awolowo leaf are enormous, this super-nutritious herb has remained the remedy for any ailments, even though many are not yet aware of it.


Provide a few leaves of Chromolaena odorata( 11 strands of awolowo leaf) 

Squeeze until the water(green water) comes out and accommodate in a glass. You can add a pinch of salt. 

How to use:

Take half glass of a water squeeze drink everyday. This is very effective in treating peptic ulcer. 

Health benefits of Awolowo leaf

1. Prevent Cervical Cancer

2. Maintain the Health of Reproduction Organ on Women

3. Pain reliever 

4. Vertigo medicine 

5. Prevents diabetes 

6. Maintain heart health 

7. Decrease the Cholesterol Level

8. Ulcer medicine 

9. Uric Acid Medicine

10. Decreases blood pressure 

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