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How Doctor's Inexperience Took Away My Brother's Life(Fiction).

The rot in the Health system of our Country isn't only about lack of infrastructure/medical equipment but there are also inexperienced medical personnel.

* There is a percentage of inexperienced/unqualified personnel or average practitioners who because of the rot claim to know what they don't know.

* Many have lost their life because of this rot and some will still lose theirs if it is not addressed.

* On Sunday 21st June. 2020, my brother had a little heartache and drove himself to the hospital to have a check up.

* The doctor after the check up said it is a liver issue and that he will treat it with the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250000) with assurance of getting it done well.

* The money was paid and treatment commenced immediately and he was also hospitalized.

* On Wednesday of the same week, news came that he fall while going to bath and the only explanation from the doctor was that the liver has shrink and that he will start the treatment afresh with another N215k.

* The children made a deposit and another face of treatment started again.

* Unfortunately he died On Saturday 27th of June 2020.

* The children is considering legal action against the doctor/ hospital which I object to even though I know this is a case of inexperience.

***who will save our health sector? ***

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