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Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated Drinks: Health Dangers of Excessive Consumption

Aside their benefits of quenching thirst, energy and body building, and even as a good 'therapy' in raising blood sugar for patients with low blood sugar, carbonated drinks have their side effects which are harmful to the health.

1. Stomach ulcer

Carbonated drinks are so called because of the presence of carbon dioxide. This tends to accumulate in the stomach following excessive consumption. This is why one always feels full after taking the drink. It's also why one tends to belch and bloat. Continuos accumulation of carbon dioxide in the stomach raises the acid level of the stomach which is a predisposing factor of stomach ulcer.

2. Obesity

Carbonated drinks are known to cause weight gain due to its caloric content which predisposes one to obesity. This is especially associated with women who are addicted to every sugary, sweetened or carbonated drink. Women who take these them often are at risk of being obese.

3. Tooth decay.

The mouth contains bacteria which breaks down sugars to chemicals which in turn break down the enamel of the tooth. The acid contents also gradually erode the teeth over time which predisposes to formation of cavities. At the same time, it could turn the teeth yellow especially when consumption is daily.

4. High blood sugar

Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks will predispose one to insulin resistance over time. Insulin is the hormone that reduces blood sugar level bringing it to normal when elevated. When the body therefore becomes resistant to insulin, blood sugar becomes excessively high leading to diabetes mellitus. This is also associated with high blood pressure and abonormal cholesterol levels which are all predisposing factors to heart attack and stroke.

5. Fatty liver disease

Due to its ability to cause abonormal cholesterol levels, it causes accumulation of fat in the liver known as fatty liver disease. It not well managed and treated, it can lead to liver failure.

Other side effects include malnutrition, decreased bone strength and even addiction.

While every other carbonated drink has these health risks, the bottom line is abstinence or moderation in intake.

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