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Why You Harm The Ears Each Time You Clean It With A Cotton Swab

The Ear, which is one of the sense organs in the human body, enables us to hear and to balance. It is made up of cartilage and has three parts, which are the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

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 Most times, people insert objects like cotton swab, Matches, Feathers, Broomstick and Biro into the ears in a bid to remove the wax.

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 If anybody tells you to stop removing your ear, wax, it might sound unhealthy, but such person is absolutely right, due to the following reasons : 

Punctured Eardrum

Just like the name sound, the Eardrum is a thin flap of skin that is stretched like a drum and vibrates when sound hits it. Inserting sharp or foreign objects into the ear may cause to perforation of the Eardrum, and this can lead to a total hearing loss.

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Exposing The Ear to Dirt and Infection. 

What most people do not know is that the ear is self-cleaning and do not require daily maintenance, unlike the teeth that you have to brush daily. The Earwax has a natural antibacterial property that prevents bacteria, fungi, and other germs from going into the ear carnal.

Also, it protects the ear and prevents things that may cause harm from entering it, such as dirt, insects among others.

In the same vein, the ear wax acts as a lubricant for the ear canal, and repels water from entering and irritating it.

Foreign Object May Enter The Ear

In a bid to clean the ear with objects such as cotton swab or matches, part of it can mistakenly break into the ear.

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This comes with so much pain and discomfort, and often times require such person going to the hospital to have it removed. If the foreign object in the ear is not removed and treated according, it can lead to severe infection and eventually hearing loss.

So, it is best not to insert any object into the ear, but rather making use of a wet cloth to clean the outer areas of the ear.

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In conclusion, it is important to state that in a bid to clean your ears with cotton swab, you may be introducing more dirt to it, as the wax can be pushed further into the ear carnal and become stuck there, leading to infection.

Advise children and people close to you against cleaning their ears with objects,and emphasize that it is self cleaning.

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