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4 Common Heart Problem Signs You Shouldn't Overlook

How would you know if your heart was damaged? There aren't always obvious indicators that something is wrong with your heart. As a result, everyone should be aware of the symptoms of heart disease in order to seek prompt treatment.

The heart is a sensitive organ that requires a great deal of attention and care. People do a variety of behaviors that harm their hearts. Smoking tobacco, lack of physical activity, and overweight are only a few of them.

The following are some of the signs and symptoms of a damaged heart to be aware of:

1. Discomfort in the Chest

This is one of the most common warning signs of a heart problem. You may have discomfort, tightness, or pressure in your chest if you have a clogged artery or are suffering a heart attack.

2. Pain in the Arm

Another common sign of heart problems is pain that spreads down the left side of the body. It often begins at the chest and spreads downward. When you notice this symptom, seek medical help.

3. Pain in the throat or jaw

It could be a sign of a heart problem if you have pain or discomfort in the middle of the chest that goes up towards your throat or jaw. Never take a sign like this for granted.

4. You feel lightheaded or dizzy.

It could be a sign of a diseased heart if you constantly feel or lightheaded. Seek immediate medical attention if you start feeling weak and have chest pains or difficulty breathing.

Source: WebMD

Content created and supplied by: Johnthecook (via Opera News )


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