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Reasons you bleed from the penis.

For some reason, men may notice blood coming from their private organs. This may be caused by medical conditions.

According to MedicalNewsToday, why men bleed from their private organs may include:

1. Ruptured blood vessels. An injury to a blood vessel within the male organ may lead to bleeding from the urethra or bleeding under the skin. The latter may look like a bruise.

A ruptured blood vessel in the male organ is not life-threatening. However, immediate treatment will be crucial to stop the pain and prevent further harm to the male organ.

2. Infections. Different kinds of infections can make a man bleed from his private organ or blood to appear in the urine. The most common is a urinary tract infection.

3. Cancer. Cancerous growths or lesions can happen on the male organ. Unlike benign growths, they may not heal.

Cancerous growths or lesions may grow, change shape, or crack open and bleed. If there is bleeding, a male may see the blood in his urine or semen.

It is important for you to see your doctor to tackle these conditions.

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