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4 Things you may not know about deadly Malaria

If you are like me, then you probably think you know everything there is to know about Malaria.

Well, think again because I am about to share some really interesting facts with you. 

As you already know, malaria is a disease that is caused by Plasmodium parasites. These parasites are spread to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes, which are also known as malaria vectors.

One thing you may not know about malaria is that, back in 2019, nearly half the population of the world was at risk of malaria. With the majority of the mortality rate recorded in sub-Saharan Africa.

 Pregnant women, children under the age of five, and HIV/AIDS carriers were more affected and to this day, are more prone to contracting malaria than others.

The next thing you probably don't know about malaria is that there are over 400 species of anopheles mosquitoes and at least 30 crucial vectors. However, there are only 5 species that can cause malaria in humans.

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They are:

Plasmodium falciparum 

Plasmodium Malariae 

Plasmodium vivax 

Plasmodium oval

Plasmodium Knowlesi 

Another thing you may not know about malaria is that plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite is the deadliest species of malaria parasite that infect humans. Anybody suffering from severe falciparum malaria is at risk of developing liver and kidney failure, convulsions, and coma. 

Finally, while there are several malaria prevention methods and treatments, sleeping under an insecticide-treated net is the most common and one of the most effective methods used to prevent malaria.

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