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How To Remove Pimples From The Face permanently In Two Days

This is one simple recipe people don't know about .. getting rid of pimples has been people's major people for most people the pimple come in huge sizes and for some people it comes out in tiny numbers scattering all over your face and making it hard for you to face your peers or friend and most people when the pimple finally go it leaves a black spot on your face, here's the solution to your problem;

Get lime fruit or lemon fruit

Get also Honey

There's are the only two things you need to get your face back to normal!

Early in the morning by 6 You get the lime and cut it open then use it and that scrubbing your face hard,and scrub all the pimples around your face.then leave it on your face too dry.

You should repeat this in the afternoon too then at night you apply the honey on your face you can as well start applying the honey first on your face in the morning and use the lime in the afternoon and night.

Try this for two days and see how clear your face would be.

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