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2 Things Women Should Avoid Lessen Uterine Cancer Risk

The uterus is also known as the womb is a hollow organ in females positioned in the pelvis. The uterus functions to help in fetal growth until birth. The uterus is shaped like an upside-down pear; the top is the fundus, the middle is the corpus, and the bottom is the cervix; the inner layer of the womb is the endometrium, and the outer layer is a muscle (myometrium).

The uterus can be infected with a disease known as cancer. Uterine cancer, therefore, means the abnormal growth of any cells that causes harm to the uterine tissue. The accumulation of cancer cells may form a malignant tumour. Non-cancer cells that form a mass are termed benign tumours. 

The risk factors of uterine cancer include women with endometrial overgrowth, obesity, women who have never had children, menses beginning before age 12, menopause after age 55, estrogen therapy, intake of tamoxifen, radiation to the pelvis, family history of uterine cancer.

Symptoms of uterine cancer include;

• Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge.

• Difficulty urinating.

• Pelvic pain.

• Pain during intercourse.

Some of the things women should avoid preventing uterine cancer.

1 Alcohol

Too much alcohol intake by women is not healthy because the chemicals used in making it can cause harm to the womb. Also, postmenopausal women drinking two or more alcoholic beverages every day may have a double risk of endometrial cancer.

2. Sugary food

Uterine cancer risk has been linked directly with obesity, insulin resistance, and the resultant hyper insulin, Frequent consumption of sucrose and high-sugar foods may cause frequent hyperglycemia, increased insulin demand, and decreasing insulin sensitivity. Therefore, a link between sugar intake and uterine cancer risk, possibly modified by body weight and physical activity, also linked with insulin sensitivity/resistance, is biologically plausible. 

Ensure you reduce your intake of the 2 things to prevent uterine cancer.

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